Endless Summer

1st August 2017 (8:00 am)

The pursuit of an “Endless Summer” begins today. The caravan is packed and it only remains to hitch up the car, turn off the power, gas and water in the house and we will be on our way.

I wish I had not lost my “Endless Summer” hat. I was green and yellow, ugly beyond belief, but the forehead badge said it all. “Endless Summer”! I wore that hat through 3 sailing seasons. It became tattered along the beak; battered by the spinnaker each weekend. It faded to almost grey from the effects of sea salt and sun. But that badge still stated my feeling.

What happened to that “Endless Summer”? Well, the hat went overboard, smacked into the waves by an errant halyard; we lost the race; life took us (the crew) in different directions.

It is time to take it back.

1st August 2017 (8:00 pm)

We have driven into the “flat country” which I love so much. Long straight roads, big skies, and more importantly a long view of the horizon. I feel free; not hemmed in by buildings, mountains or trees. Don’t misunderstand me mountains and trees are beautiful, buildings may even be magnificent, but “flat country” is liberating. “Flat country” is full of memories; my childhood. Still heading towards that “Endless Summer”. And mentally well on my way. My mind wanders in it feeling healthy and warm.

During the winter month of August I was on a quest to rediscover my mojo, or as I named it the “Endless Summer”. I challenged myself to a sketch a day for the month and posted it to keep myself honest. Travelling north to warmer weather did help my theme and I have always been a “summer” animal. The experiment has set up a routine – to sketch or paint every day. I will post maybe once a week for a while as I continue, particularly if I am happy with a piece.

“Endless Summer” has encouraged me to be creative again and observe what is around me. Spring is coming to Melbourne and I look forward to summer. But the real “Endless Summer” is a state of mind and no cloud will hide my creativity again.

I look forward to endless summer days.

Day 17 Hervey Bay

Day 17 Hervey Bay