2016 St. Nicholas Portrait Exhibition

I was privileged to be asked to judge the 2016 Portrait Exhibition in St. Nicholas Gallery. This was a new experience for me so I put a lot of thought into the judging criteria before the event.  I prepared a critique sheet for each painting so I was judging each entry on the same principals. Being well prepared and with the exhibition of a high quality and the actual judging was an enjoyable experience.

Although generally of a high quality there were some obvious stand outs amongst the 29 paintings. After short listing several I then had the harder task of deciding the prize winners and commenting on Highly Commended and Commended entries.

The Gallery staff did a great job of hanging the exhibition and I want to thank them for all the assistance given to me.

These are the prize winning paintings:

         1st Place  “Sir Douglas Mawson”   Graphite by  Lynne Taylor

        2nd Place  “Melancholy Mawson” by PastelGlenda Condon

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