Colouring Como as the Resident Artist


You are welcome to wander through the corridors of Como Hospital in Parkdale and discover my art amongst the paintings and prints belonging to the hospital. Enjoyed by both staff and patients alike they have found their niche there.


Over the New Year I have added colour to the corridors of Como. Using some of my larger acrylics, supported by lively little watercolours I have endeavoured to bring some fun to the hospital inpatients who struggled with rehabilitation over the holiday period.


My acquaintance with Como began in 2006. I was asked to hang 6 paintings in one of the waiting rooms. I sold all six and then regularly exhibited under the umbrella of KAN (Kingston Arts Network) until 2012 when I was offered the hanging spaces as their resident Artist.


Since 2012 I have exhibited 8 or 9 paintings at a time, changing the exhibition periodically to add some extra colour and excitement to the walls. I have loved having a regular location to show my paintings. This local hospital is a caring and welcoming environment for staff, patients and their visitors. I also continue to sell my work and obtain commissions via my website.


I am now working on an Australiana theme using some acrylic abstract landscapes alongside existing and new traditional work. I look forward to hanging these paintings at Como soon. Come to see my current exhibition and enjoy the discounted prices.