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My love affair with art began as a 14 year old when I walked into the Bendigo Art Gallery. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to do, to express myself through painting. After I won a prize in an art show and the painting was stolen I knew I was onto something. I have been painting ever since, beginning with oils, graduating to watercolour and now welcoming acrylics to my palette.


My goal is to demonstrate my interpretation of everyday life, with a backdrop in nature. Subjects are selected purely on what I see around me and makes me feel good.


Impressionist Watercolours - I love watercolour for the atmospheric effects I can achieve.

Abstract Landscapes - I use acrylics when requiring more intense colours for my abstract landscapes.

Expressionist Watercolours - I am currently experimenting in an Expressionist style.

However when painting architectural views, including buildings and streetscapes, I draw on my previous experience as a Draftsman.

When my work is progressing well, I am filled with a sense of urgency to finish before the feeling is gone; the adrenalin runs fast. I know a painting is finally completed, when I step back and it speaks to me.

My journey with art has taken me from landscape and seascapes, to a different world where I find I want to tell more human stories and have more fun. I hope to communicate the small drama of life. When people view my work, I hope that they will understand my story.

Brian Williams

Paterson Lakes, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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